How to track NFT transactions on blockchain 2024?

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What is a nonfungible token transaction?

A non-fungible token transaction occurs when a seller’s wallet sends an NFT to the buyer on the blockchain via a marketplace.

When it comes to digital goods like artwork, music, or films, we all know NFT stands for “non-fungible tokens.” NFTs, on the other hand, cannot be traded and may only be possessed by one individual at a time. As a result, NFT serves as a proof of ownership token. An NFT transaction occurs whenever a person transfers this unique ownership to another person.

How to track NFT transactions on blockchain

Search engines for blockchain platforms are known as “blockchain explorers.” Google can be compared to it. Like when we type a term into Google’s search field, we receive a slew of results; the explorer works the same way. After visiting the blockchain explorer website, we can access a wealth of information, including the transaction’s history, value, gas limit, the current state of the transaction, and much more.

How to see transaction history with

If you’re interested in querying NFT transactions and checking your NFTs, Etherscan is a great choice. Ethereum Blockchain Explorer is the full name of this Etherscan. It’s possible to look for an NFT transaction’s details by putting a wallet address or ENS (the Ethereum Name Service) into the website’s search field. Transaction information, including every transaction hash with methods like swap, register proxy and Wrap are shown by Etherscan, which decodes it. In addition, this explorer provides the block’s age and value, as well as the transaction cost.

To trace an NFT transaction using Etherscan, simply follow these five simple steps.

Go to the Etherscan website:

Go to the Etherscan website from your wallet’s app or by typing in the address bar of your desktop or laptop’s web browser to start.

Make sure to provide your wallet’s address.

The website’s search box allows you to enter the wallet address of anybody you wish to learn more about. Put your public wallet address, transaction hash, block, or token on Etherscan’s homepage after you’ve navigated there. In order to see your wallet balance and token accumulation, use the explorer.

Decide which Tokens you’d like to see:

NFT transaction data may be accessed by selecting the token transactions you wish to investigate. Etherscan can now show you the history of a certain token’s transactions.

When you wish to see a transaction’s transaction hash, type it in:

Numerous transactions are possible if you keep multiple tokens in your wallet at the same time. The Transaction Hash (Txn Hash) may be used to monitor and verify any NFT transaction by clicking on it.

Token Transfer Verification and Confirmation:

Verify your NFT transaction at this point. However, you must validate that the Status is correct and that the Tokens have been transferred before you may proceed. Using this method, you may ensure that the NFT was delivered to the rightful buyer’s wallet.


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