How To See NFTS In Metamask On Any Blockchain Network?

How to see nfts in metamask on any blockchain network? To receive, save, and transmit NFTs via a mobile phone, the MetaMask mobile wallet was developed. Once you’ve set up your wallet, you’ll be able to buy and keep digital collectibles right there in your wallet. Setting up your wallet & acquiring NFTs is covered in this tutorial.

Since Ethereum or EVM-compatible networks are the most often used, MetaMask is the default cryptographic wallet for those who desire to keep their digital assets in external accounts. Although NFT capabilities are accessible on the mobile platform, web-based compatibility is unavailable.

In My Metamask Wallet, How Can I See An NFT?

Metamask Mobile is the only place where you can see the NFTs at this time. You can use the web extension to add NFTs using custom tokens, but you won’t be able can see them in the UI at all.

NFTs are listed under “Collectibles” in MetaMask Mobile. Remember that NFTs won’t show up or may not display correctly on the mobile app.

Try The Following If Your NFT Will Not Show Up Automatically:

  • Find the location of the NFT. The “Contract Address” is a blue hyperlinked element on most NFT interfaces. In the top-left corner of that site, there should be an icon titled “Contract,” and to the right, a lengthy string of characters and figures if you click on that. To access your NFT, you’ll need to go to the website listed below. It’s easy to copy the address by clicking on the “copy” symbol that appears to the left of the address.
  • The “+ ADD NFTs” button may be found in MetaMask Mobile by tapping on the “NFTs” page, scrolling, and tapping on it. Make sure you paste the NFT’s address into the “Address” field.
  • Make sure you have the NFT’s identifier. The ID of a collectible is unique since no two NFTs are the same. NFT’s ID is shown under “Details” on the NFT’s listing page on Make a record of it or write it down.
  • Copy the link to your clipboard.
  • Copy and paste the ID into the MetaMask Mobile “ID” box, then press “ADD” to add your NFTs to the NFTs page.

Get NFTs Into Your MetaMask Wallet Using These Steps

NFTs may be received in MetaMask in two ways: sending from another wallet or purchasing from a market. We’re not going to utilize Ethereum’s main net for this tutorial because of the hefty costs. Instead, we’ll use the Polygon network to buy an NFT from

Purchasing NFTs from OpenSea using Polygon is the same as purchasing them on Ethereum, but with lower costs. You should, however, stick to a single network. Polygon NFTs must be sent and received just on the Polygon network at all times if you buy an NFT just on the Polygon network.

From Another Wallet, Get NFTs

OpenSea’s NFTs are metadata-bound ERC-721 tokens. Various types of metadata may be used in conjunction with digital content, including images and video.

NFTs, like standard ERC-20 tokens, may be delivered to public wallet addresses like jpegs since the image (metadata) is saved elsewhere while the contract stays on the blockchain.

Don’t transmit to the wrong person or the wrong network. We must use the Polygon network to send the NFT we just bought. If it is sent to some other network, there is a chance that the NFT will be lost.

How to see nfts in metamask on any blockchain network? – I hope you have got the details!!

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