How to play Call to Duty Warzone on mobile devices?

It was hinted by Call of Duty that their Battle Royale Warzone is arriving on mobile devices. The mobile variant of Warzone by Call of Duty was revealed on the 10th of March without the details of how to play Call of Duty Warzone on mobile devices when Activision started posting about job positions and promoting them on their formal Twitter accounts.

The job listings on the web page of Call of Duty are pretty vague and do not give away very many details. That is some variant of Warzone, but for the mobile devices but they do not reveal anything beyond that.

A word from Call of Duty

They are designing a refreshing AAA smartphone experience that is going to bring the large-scale action fluid and thrill of Warzone by Call of Duty to Gamers on the go.

They have requested to join their award-winning and growing group of emerging talents and mobile veterans on the ambitious mission. They are seeking experienced operators in each of the parts of game improvement. The large-scale battle royale experience is being constructed natively for smartphones with cutting-edge machinery created to entertain players around the globe for numerous upcoming years.

From engineering to production roles, marketing, art, design, and so much more, they are searching for passionate fans, game-makers, along genuinely excellent individuals to join their diverse group motivated to deliver the upcoming world-class smartphone gaming participation for the fans.

They have incredible chances across numerous internal studios involving Demonwear, Digital Legends, Solid State Studios, and Beenox. 

One aspect of the posts has mentioned that the gameplay is being created smartly for smartphone devices, which indicates it will not be a straightforward port of the recent variant of Warzone. The statement also mentions that the version is intended to amuse players for numerous upcoming years, which indicates that individuals can anticipate it to receive changes and updates just as the PC and console version of this game.

If that all seems a bit familiar, that can be as there is already one Battle Royale by Call of Duty game on smartphones named mobile by Call of Duty. But the mobile variant of Call of Duty is an aspect of this franchise; the in-house studio of Activision does not create it.

Instead, the version was created by a developer from China named TiMi Studio Group (You may check out TiMi by clicking here ), which is the studio accountable for the subsidiary of Tencent and Pokémon Unite. The smartphone variant of Call of Duty was 1st released in 2019, and it has been one of the giant smartphone games around the globe ever since.


  • Can one enjoy Call of Duty: Warzone on a smartphone?

It will arrive on smartphones, as per publisher Activision declared last week.

  • Can a mobile variant of Cod be cross-platform?

The mobile variant of Call of Duty features cross-platform enjoyment.

  • Does the mobile variant of CoD ban emulators?

There appears to be one ban trouble for the mobile variant players of Call of Duty on the emulator of BlueStacks. 

There is no statement yet on the date of the mobile variant of WarZone by Call of Duty will release or even what the game will be called formally and how to play Call of Duty Warzone on mobile devices. WarZone by Call of Duty is also prepared to get one fresh iteration on PC and consoles though it is not understandable if that is associated with this.

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