How To Make Imovie Full Screen On Iphone In 2024?

How to make imovie full screen on iphone in 2022? You may have seen this by utilizing a photo in an Imovie for iPhone video. Since movies and images have different aspect ratios, the Picture will seem to have a black border around it.

Letterboxing is the term used to describe this phenomenon, which may be seen here. It’s possible to increase the size of a movie on your iPhone by utilizing the zoom feature. To change the video’s dimensions, click the Play button and then pick File from the menu that appears. Next, you’ll have to decide on a resolution for your image.

A video with a lower quality will be more petite, while a video with a higher resolution will be more significant. Pinch to enlarge or reduce the magnification. Click Play to get a live preview of your changes when you’ve finished tweaking them. Repeat the procedure if necessary, and you’ll get it correct. You may efficiently distribute your movie to friends and relatives using the same email address.

Make Imovie Full Screen On Iphone

Cropping the image is one option if you wish to edit your movie in a broader format than the original. Start by tapping the “Edit” button on the project you’re working on. To change the image’s aspect ratio, go to the “fit” menu option. All of the images may be rotated at once after selecting the correct setting for each one. Additionally, the frame size may be changed to better match the video.

Picture in Picture is an option in iMovie. Cropping a picture to match your movie’s dimensions is as simple as picking this tool from the toolbar. It’s also known as “crop to fit,” You’ll find it in the toolbar’s top right corner. It is possible to move the Picture across the timeline and rotate it after picking this option.

In iMovie, choose the Picture you wish to utilize. Images of any size may be used. However, the most outstanding results will be achieved with large images and good quality. Again for the Ken Burns effect, in which pictures are zoomed in, the shot’s clarity is critical.

The Libraries tab and My Media tab of iMovie are where you’ll find the photographs you wish to utilize after you’ve picked the one you want. Drag the Picture you wish to use to the correct location by clicking on it and dragging it.

Why Is Imovie Limited To A Smaller Screen?

There are several reasons why iMovie isn’t playing your video on full screen, and you may be asking how to repair it. Fortunately, the issue may be solved in several ways. An orientation lock stops your movie from turning to fit your screen if you have a standard-sized display. To obtain the full-screen look, you may need to increase the zoom level on an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

It is also possible to remedy the issue by uploading a fresh video. The aspect ratio may be changed once this is done. To switch between regular and widescreen display modes, go to File > Project Properties. However, this may not work on all operating systems.

Alternatively, you may import films from your photo stream and squeeze them to suit the movie’s frame if you want to use your default full-screen mode. Even if that doesn’t work, you can always use the Share option to save your movie instead.

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