How To Install WordPress In Hostgator Hosting In 2024?

How to install wordpress in hostgator hosting in 2022? You may not have heard, but WordPress is responsible for 33% of the world’s websites, making it the most popular blogging platform ever created. Installing WordPress on the hosting account is the first step in getting started with WordPress. You do not have to install WordPress manually when you use shared hosting for WordPress, which has a simple script to do it for you.

Systematic instructions for installing WordPress with HostGator hosting will be provided in this article. We recommend the HostGator Baby plan, which costs just $6.95 per month and provides an unlimited hosting package out of the three options offered by HostGator.

How To Install WordPress With Hostgator Step-By-Step:

QuickInstall powered on Mojo marketplace is one of the quickest and simplest ways to install WordPress on your hosting account. To get your blog up and running in no time, use this tool to make the process as simple as possible.

WordPress may be installed on HostGator’s servers in a variety of ways.

  • Manual
  • Install in a flash

In this tutorial, we will utilize the HostGator QuickInstall technique to install WordPress. Getting started with WordPress has never been easier. Using this method, your WordPress site would be up and running in under five minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below:

Log in to the HostGator control panel online using your username and password. QuickInstall may be found under Services/Software. “WordPress” must be selected in QuickInstall just on the left side. Additionally, HostGator offers services that cost a lot to install and configure a Theme in 2022.

Select the domain for your WordPress blog from the drop-down menu on the next page. Please choose the location where WordPress should be installed from this page. In the directories root directory or a subdomain’s root directory

There are no limits on the number of domains you may host on HostGator’s baby plan or above, and you can even host several blogs on a single hosting.

Next, make the necessary adjustments as outlined in the next section by clicking on the “next” button.

Using “admin” as a username puts your account in danger. Your email or a nickname might be better choices here.

The challenge is to create it almost impossible to predict what will happen. Before you press the Install WordPress button, double-check that you have followed all the instructions. Going back in time will be a waste of time in such a case.

Following The Installation Of WordPress, What Should You Do Next?

Now that you have figured out how to set up WordPress, you’re all set. Now is the time to set up your WordPress site.

Look at the following guide, which includes a link to various resources that will help you set up your WordPress blog.

FAQs –

Is HostGator able to host my WordPress website?

To get started with HostGator, all you have to do is choose a plan, create an account, then click the “Install WordPress” button.

How much does Hostgator charge for WordPress?

WordPress is also an excellent option since it’s completely free. You’ll want to keep your expenses as low as possible when you start. A domain name plus hosting are the only things you’ll have to pay for.

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