How to download your Vaccination Certificate on Whatsapp in 2024?

Until now, utilizers were only capable of downloading the certificate by the mobile application of Aarogya Setu. The chatbot available on WhatsApp from the help desk of MyGov Corona ( to know more visit ) now lets individuals download their certification if they know “How to download your Vaccination Certificate on Whatsapp in 2022?”. That chatbot was launched back in March in the year 2020 to assist answer COVID-19 associated questions and prevent misinformation around the worldwide pandemic. 

How to receive COVID-19 vaccine certificate via WhatsApp

  • 1st Step: 

Drop one “Hi” message after opening WhatsApp on the +91 9013151515 number. If one does not already have the number, they can preserve it as “Chatbot of Corona Helpdesk.”

  • 2nd Step:

After one drops one message, the chatbot will exhibit a chart of topics associated with COVID-19. In the chart, the individual will come across the “Download Certificate” mentioned in the 2nd line. So, type in “2” and send.

  • 3rd Step: 

The chatbot will again exhibit 3 options, so individuals are just required to type in and send “3.” The 3rd option mentions that they desire to download the vaccination certificate.

  • 4th Step: 

An OTP will then be sent to the individual’s mobile number, which they will be needed to ship on that chat.

(Note: If the WhatsApp number of an individual is different from the number they sign up on Cowin to receive vaccinations, they are not going to get the OTP. So then, they will have to load the certificate through the application of Arogya Setup.)

  • 5th Step: 

Once one enters the OTP, the chatbot will exhibit the names of the individuals who sign up on the web page of Cowin with that number.

  • 6th Step: 

The individual is now required to type in the number of that utiliser whose vaccination certificate they desire to download. The chatbot will then send the certificate of vaccination on WhatsApp in PDF form.


  • Can one download the COVID-19 vaccination appointment slip?

Yes, the appointment slip can be downloaded right after the arrangement has been fixed.

  • Who is accountable for offering the COVID-19 vaccine certificate?

The Center where the individual has received the vaccination is accountable for generating their certification and offering one printed hard copy post-vaccine on the day of getting vaccinated.

  • Will one Photo identification be needed for the COVID-19 vaccination registration?

The Photo identification generated at the moment of registration should be developed and confirmed at the moment of vaccination.

  • How can you get details about the covid-19 on WhatsApp?

The facility can be accessed via one link, which initiates one discussion on WhatsApp. Utilisers can quickly type in “hi”, “hola”, ” or “salute” to generate the debate prompting one menu of choices which can assist answer the questions about Coronavirus.

Individuals can now download their COVID-19 vaccine certificate from WhatsApp when they know “How to download your Vaccination Certificate on Whatsapp in 2022?”. Here, they are not required to enter their reference identifications. They will be asked to put in the OTP; after that, they are going to get their vaccine certificate.

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