GoSats India Best Bitcoin shopping rewards app reviews

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What is the purpose of GoSats?

It is the goal of GoSat to make Bitcoin accessible to India’s 1.2 billion citizens in an easy and intuitive manner. Trevor Owens, an executive partner of Stokes Accelerator, stated as much. With the help of Stacks, GoSats hopes to help its customers reap the rewards of their accumulated Bitcoins.

GoSats India Best Bitcoin shopping rewards app reviews

Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, it does not invest in cryptocurrencies but rather rewards customers with Bitcoin. Regulators are wary of investing in cryptocurrencies, so this can make a difference.

After each swipe, spin the Bitcoin wheel to earn up to 100% of your purchase. Swipe to win a whole bitcoin every time you use the app.

Users of the GoSats Reward Cards can earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as part of the transfer certificate by “locking” their tokens on the network and using Stocks Clarity clever deals and “stocking.” They use Bitcoin as a replacement for points, miles, and other traditional loyalty programs. Every time you swipe your card, you’ll be rewarded with a Bitcoin bonus. How simple it really is. To stack with each swipe, you need to add money to your card.

The country’s first Bitcoin Reward program was introduced on Independence Day, August 15, 2021, by GoSats, a versatile Bitcoin Reward Company.

You may now earn cashback on Bitcoin purchases at no additional cost, thanks to GoSats. The Gosats card’s primary goal is in the prepaid/debit card market. With every purchase, you earn Gosats, a Bitcoin Cashback Rewards app. There is no end date or restriction on the lowest purchase amount, you avoid getting caught up in the terms and conditions for recouping your cashback.

Basic Gosats features:

  • You may earn bitcoin by making purchases with your iOS phone.
  • Chrome extensions and mobile shopping
  • Daily stacks
  • Speedier Notifications of Rewards
  • Bonuses for Referrals
  • Choosing between Bitcoin and Satoshi as a reward metric
  • Increasing Retailer Network
  • Share your referral code.

For each card fee, GoSats applies a different cashback percentage. Each swipe turns the bitcoin wheel. If you win, your GoSats account will be credited with Bitcoin immediately. Instant Bitcoin payback is available when gift vouchers are purchased. The 45-90-day refund term is only pending for purchases made through affiliate sellers.

GoSats India Best Bitcoin shopping rewards app

Since its launch in February, GoSats has attracted 15,000 users. In a country with 1.3 billion people, this is an impressive accomplishment, but there is still room for improvement. An uneasy association between Bitcoin and India has been observed in India. A general ban on cryptocurrencies had been on the table for some time, but it has since been lifted.


Bitcoin Cashback Rewards software GoSats allows you to accumulate sats (fractional bitcoins) every time you make a purchase, which can then be exchanged for cash. With no expiration dates or minimum purchase criteria, cashback can be redeemed at any time without restrictions.

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