Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557 Features

Now you can get new features like program folders in the Start Menu; drag and drop for the taskbar; as well as many more new features in the latest build of Windows 11.  Additionally, today’s preview version includes support for folder previews in File Explorer, as well as a slew of other new features and enhancements. So this article is all about Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557 Features.

“Windows 11 Insider Preview 22557 (NI RELEASE)” is the name of the update, which was issued from the Nickel Release branch, which is an active development branch that is not associated with any version of the OS.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557 Features

  • In the pinned applications section of the Start menu, you can now create and organize folders.
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode to stop all alerts.
  • Included in the Notification Center is Right here and right now, pay attention.
  • Streaming live captions for the whole system
  • Improved File Explorer’s “Pin to Quick Access” feature, which now includes Files.
  • File Explorer’s OneDrive integration
  • Enhancements to Snap Layouts
  • Changes made to the power options and suggestions
  • Enhancements to Narrator Task Manager while using Microsoft Edge to browse the web Efficiencies and Redesign
  • Provision of language and language-related capabilities via a new PowerShell module
  • Touch Gestures: The New
  • Swipe up or down to activate or dismiss Start
  • On the Start screen, you may choose between Pinned/All applications and Recommended/More.
  • Reject or invoke with a single tap. In a nutshell:
  • Swipe up or down to activate or dismiss Center for Notifications
  • A gripper for the entire screen.

Improvements And Changes

  • The taskbar in Windows XP has been replaced with a new Drag and Drop is supported.
  • Updated the taskbar to include a new visual indicator for which window is being shared
  • The ability to swap between modes on machines with several color profiles should be added as a simple option.
  • When casting from a PC, the Cast symbol will show.
  • The power cord was replaced with a lightning bolt in the battery charging indication.
  • Send an email from the share window when you share a local file in File Explorer to
  • Improved program and setting search accuracy in the Windows taskbar search box
  • The desktop wallpaper has been added to the snap group visually.
  • Snapped windows now have a new animation for transitioning between modes.
  • Rotations from portrait to landscape are more responsive, and vice versa.
  • Disconnecting and attaching docks and monitors now generates fewer alerts.
  • Ability to leap across regions while going between displays with the cursor and Windows
  • The narrator has added a new genuine male voice, “Guy.”
  • Multiple microphones attached to the PC allow you to choose which one to use for voice typing.
  • New voice typing instructions include “Enter,” “Press Backspace,” “Backspace,” “Press Space,” “Press Tab,” and “Insert Space.”
  • A new option to automatically add punctuation.
  • UI profanity filter for speech recognition
  • There is a “display numbers” command that makes things easier to use
  • Improved messaging for languages that are not supported
  • In order to use voice access when utilizing several screens, we’ve improved the feedback messages.
  • Improved usability of touch keyboards when combined with voice input
  • Improved latency and unlocking thanks to a new optimizations function. Variable Refresh Rates and Auto HDR
  • Calibration tool for Windows HDR
  • Experiences with a higher Dynamic Refresh Rate
  • The touch keyboard should have an IME On/Off key. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese IMEs have a compact layout.
  • The emojis have been updated.
  • WIN has added a new kaomoji to their kaomoji department.
  • Input by handwriting is supported in Hungarian
  • Enhancement to icon size in the Settings pane
  • Resources for identifying local recycling programs are provided in Settings.
  • Storage Sense is by default activated on PCs going through the OOBE process.
  • Time and current choice information are shown on a digital clock.

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