Uncovering Hidden iPhone Features You Never Knew Existed


With its sleek design, innovative features, and user-friendly interface, the iPhone has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. However, there are many hidden features on the iPhone that most users are unaware of. In this article, we will uncover some of these hidden features and show you how to make the most of your iPhone experience.

1. AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch is a feature on the iPhone that allows users to perform various actions using shortcuts. To access AssistiveTouch, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. From here, you can customize the shortcuts to suit your needs, such as taking a screenshot, adjusting volume, or accessing Siri.

2. Magnifier

The Magnifier feature on the iPhone turns your device into a magnifying glass, making it easier to read small print or see details up close. To enable Magnifier, go to Settings > Accessibility > Magnifier and toggle the switch to on. You can then activate the Magnifier by triple-clicking the Home button.

3. Hidden Trackpad

Did you know that your iPhone’s keyboard can act as a trackpad for precise cursor movement? Simply press and hold on the keyboard until it turns gray, then swipe your finger to move the cursor without tapping on the screen. This hidden trackpad feature can be a game-changer for editing text and navigating your device.

4. Customize Control Center

The Control Center on the iPhone allows quick access to essential functions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness. You can customize the Control Center by going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. From here, you can add or remove shortcuts to personalize the Control Center to your liking.

5. Reachability

Reachability is a useful feature on the iPhone that makes it easier to use your device with one hand. To activate Reachability, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and toggle the switch to on. You can then swipe down on the bottom of the screen to bring the top half closer to your thumb, making it easier to reach icons or buttons at the top of the screen.

6. Type to Siri

If you prefer typing over speaking to Siri, you can enable the Type to Siri feature on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri and toggle on Type to Siri. This allows you to type your queries to Siri instead of using voice commands, making it convenient for situations where speaking aloud may not be possible.

7. Hidden Camera Grid

The iPhone camera grid helps you compose better shots by using the rule of thirds. To enable the camera grid, go to Settings > Camera > Grid and toggle the switch to on. The grid lines will appear on your camera screen, helping you align your subjects and create more visually appealing photos.

8. Emergency SOS

The Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone allows you to quickly call for help in an emergency situation. To activate Emergency SOS, go to Settings > Emergency SOS and toggle on Auto Call. You can then press the side button and volume button simultaneously to call emergency services or your designated emergency contacts.

9. Hidden Feedback Feature

Did you know that your iPhone gives you feedback when you tap on the screen or perform certain actions? To enable this hidden feature, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > System Haptics and toggle on the switch. You will now feel a subtle vibration when interacting with your device, providing tactile feedback for a more immersive experience.

10. Hidden Battery Percentage

If you prefer to see the exact battery percentage on your iPhone’s status bar, you can enable this feature by going to Settings > Battery and toggling on Battery Percentage. This will display the battery percentage next to the battery icon, allowing you to monitor your device’s battery level more accurately.


Uncovering hidden features on your iPhone can greatly enhance your user experience and make your device more versatile and convenient to use. By exploring these hidden features and customizing them to suit your needs, you can unlock the full potential of your iPhone and take advantage of its many capabilities. So, the next time you pick up your iPhone, take some time to explore these hidden features and see how they can improve your daily activities and streamline your interaction with your device.


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