How To Speed Up Video In Imovie In Iphone?

How to speed up video in imovie in iphone? In video editing, speeding up a video is a widespread practice. Use iMovie to adjust the speed if you are an Apple device user.

Then how can you speed up an iMovie video? The instructions on this page will guide you through the process of making anything from a breathtaking time-lapse trip video for social networks to an additional special effect for your vlog. Tutorials for each Apple device have been tailored for iMovie since they can be used on iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Speed Up An Iphone Or Ipad Video Using Imovie

To speed up a movie using iMovie, I would suggest using iMyFone Filme, an outstanding video editor. You can increase the speed of a film in 5 seconds with a few clicks in iMyFone Filme.

Imovie For The Iphone And Ipad: How And Where To Fast Up A Movie

iMovie for iPhone and iPad have a similar user experience. Therefore, this part will have iPhone instructions. It also includes a lesson.

Create a new iMovie project

The “New Project” panel should appear as soon as you open the app, so do that.

Editing mode should be selected.

Choose between making a movie (using photographs, videos, and music) or a trailer (using only a few seconds of footage).

Select “Movie” to begin with, speeding up current video material.

It is time to import the movie you wish to speed up

Your albums will appear on the list. You may import the sped-up video clip into the video producer after choosing it in the previous step.

Speed up or slow down the video as desired.

To choose a video clip, click on it in the timeline. Just at the bottom of the screen, a toolbar will emerge.

Click the “Pace” icon (which looks like a half-clock symbol) to bring up the slider that lets you change the game’s speed. The video may be slowed down by dragging the slider to the left or sped up by dragging the slider to the right.

Is there a section of your video that needs to be sped up? It’s as simple as tapping outside the existing range or adding a new one in the inspector. Do this by swiping your mouse rightwards until you see a slider with a new range. The number underneath the video clip will change as you move it. That’s all there is to it! By touching outside of the inspector, you may dismiss it.

Do not Miss These Useful Hints

iMovie may be used to speed up a portion of a movie.

The R button may be used to establish a range if you only want to speed up a particular piece of a giant movie, such as a few seconds.

Next, choose Fast from the pop-up speed choice by clicking the speedometer symbol. To apply various speeds to different ranges, you may pick Custom. Adding more ranges will not affect the speed change in the initial range because of this.

Holding R while selecting a new range and then performing the change-point actions will add more ranges. The speed pop-up box may be edited by clicking outside the range.

In iMovie, you may accelerate a video without modifying its pitch.

iMovie 10’s Preserve Pitch option ensures that your music will continue playing at the same pace as before the speed adjustment was applied to the film, as we saw before. This is a good option if you want to keep the original audio but speed up the video.

It is important to remember that the audio will quit playing after the video ends, and as a result, you will miss the last segment. After speeding up the video, you may trim the audio track’s borders to fit the video clip’s time instead.

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