How to get water out of samsung charging port without rice?

Worried about How to get water out of samsung charging port without rice. This article is all about it.

You’re not the only one who has ever had their phone become wet from rain, water, or a spill. An estimated 25% of smartphone owners have experienced water damage or other liquid damage to their devices.

A smartphone’s performance can be adversely affected by liquids invading the device. It might lead to:

  • Moisture can cause fuzzy images if it gets into the camera lens.
  • shaky or missing audio
  • Droplets of liquid on the screen’s underside
  • to be unable to charge a fee
  • interior rusting or corrosion
  • phone stops working

However, despite the fact that many contemporary smartphones claim to be “water-resistant,”. This does not imply that they are completely impervious to water. The term “water-resistant” simply means that the item can withstand a small amount of water contact before suffering significant damage.

How to remove water out of charging port without rice?

Method 1: Dry your phone by placing it in front of a fan or letting it air dry.

Our recommendation for drying your phone’s USB port faster is to place it in front of a fan or an open window (assuming it’s not raining, of course!) Avoid using heat lamps and heaters in general, as this could cause your phone to overheat, melt its exterior, or cause other heat-related difficulties.

For those who don’t have a fan or don’t feel safe placing their phone near a window, you can always allow it to dry for a few hours in a dry, warm place like an airing cupboard.

Method 2: use silica gel

Using silica gel packets (the little sachets you get with new shoes and bags) or another drying agent, place your phone in an airtight container. These aid in wicking away moisture from the device.

You should avoid these three things if your USB port is wet

As a follow-up, these are the most critical things to avoid doing if your phone’s USB port has moisture in it.

  1. Don’t Use Your Phone’s Charging Port

Charging your phone is the number one thing to avoid doing if your USB port is wet. Not charging your phone when the USB port is wet is critical, and most smartphone warning screens will explain this.

Before connecting your phone to an electrical power source, check to see if your phone’s moisture alert has gone away. This is highly dangerous if there is moisture in the connection port.

  1. The USB port on your smartphone should not be blown into.

For many people, blowing into the USB port to dry it off is one of the first things that comes to mind when there is water in it. But this is not suggested because it is ineffective and may cause water to get much deeper into the USB port than before. As a result, be sure to switch to one of the alternatives listed above.

  1. No Shaking

Shaking your phone will not remove moisture; that much we can assure you! As previously said, the most efficient approach to dry a wet USB port is with a constant stream of cool air. As a result, you should avoid exhausting yourself by frantically shaking your phone.

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