How To Remove Automatic Payment In Paytm In 2024?

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How to remove automatic payment in paytm in 2022? Many people these days make use of the well-liked digital payment system Paytm. Users have been more compulsive and reckless with using this software since Corona. Bill payments, prepaid recharges, booking cylinders, card payments, and investments may all be made with this app. You will find a plethora of options here. Paytm Automatic is one of these characteristics. Automated payments are made for utility bills such as water and electricity.

Users sometimes forget to deactivate this option, resulting in unnecessary expenditure of their Paytm Wallet funds, which is probably unnecessary. We’ll show you today how to disable this automated function.

Learn How The Paytm Auto Function Works By Reading On –

When it comes to this feature, it verifies the accuracy of each of your invoices as soon as they are created. This function automatically pays it as soon as the bill is created, either immediately after or three days before the due date. This is sent to the users.

SMS or email is used for this purpose. You are probably wondering whether there will be any additional fees associated with this. Please know that there will be no additional fees for this. However, you should know that this payment might only be made using the money in the Paytm Wallet.

What Should You Do If Your Paytm Wallet Is Empty?

If you have no money in the Paytm Wallet, think about what would happen. It’s important to note that the associated credit/ debit card will be immediately deducted when there is insufficient money to cover the purchase. Your transaction will be rejected if you don’t have a credit or debit card on file. This will be communicated to you by Paytm about two days in advance.

How To See History

When using Paytm to pay a bill, you’ll receive all the information you need on the app itself. Your profile must be visited first to view this. Go to your orders & profile after that. Afterward, by visiting Paytm Automatic, you may review the bill’s information.

The Paytm Automatic Payment Feature Turn Off Process –

  • Let us begin by pointing out that you must launch the Paytm application first.
  • Then you’ll see a menu on the left-hand side, which you’ll need to press to access.
  • To complete the process, you’ll need to access the Paytm Automatic option in My Profile.
  • You will be able to turn off Paytm auto-renewal after that.

How Can I See Whether Paytm’s Autopay Feature Has Been Activated?

In the Paytm App, choose “Automatic Payments” from the “Payments” menu and click “Link Now.” When you go to the “Automatic Payments” page, choose the “Update Now” option next to any of the listed automatic transfers. After that, you will be sent to the Update Automatic page, where you may choose an existing card or add a new one.

What Is UPI Auto Payment In Paytm?

Individuals may set up UPI AutoPay to automatically take a certain amount from their bank account on a predetermined date each month. This service may be used to pay utility bills, purchase content subscriptions, and more.

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