How To Put Music On Imovie From Youtube In 2024?

How to put music on imovie from youtube in 2022? Adding music to videos enhances the production’s visual appeal and draws viewers in on a deeper level. Professional video editing software, iMovie, allows you to customize your films to your heart’s content with the music and sound effects you choose. Make your video stand out from the crowd by adding music to it.

YouTube is an excellent location to look for nice sounds if you have trouble finding the proper Audio for your background music. This post will demonstrate how to import music from YouTube into iMovie. So let us get started right away, shall we?

Is It Possible To Add Music From Youtube Into Imovie For Editing?

Apple’s iMovie is a video editing program that aims to make it easy for users to rapidly-produce their own distinctive and entertaining films. Only Apple devices can use this excellent video editor, covering macOS, iOS, and iPad. This software includes color grading, music, and chroma critical effects for your films. A few multimedia formats are also supported, which is the cherry on top.

Because iMovie doesn’t accept the file, or it may be protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM), your media source may not be accessible on your device. It’s impossible to listen to the tracks outside of the music player even when you’ve downloaded them from YouTube for offline listening.

Because of this, if you wish to use YouTube music in iMovie, you’ll first need to remove the DRM limitations from the YouTube song. All of this may be accomplished with the assistance of a specialized YouTube audio downloader.

Imovie: How To Add Music From Youtube

Once TunesKit has downloaded all of your desired YouTube music to your computer, you may begin importing them into your iMovie project. iMovie for iOS and Mac includes separate sections that explain how to add music to the video.

Your YouTube music has indeed been transformed to iMovie compatible audio formats, but you still need to download it through iTunes or iCloud before you can use it. You may then use iMovie to set up the music you downloaded from YouTube.

  • The Add Media option in iMovie may be used to add media to your project.
  • It’s easy to find YouTube music on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch by tapping Audio and then My Music.
  • To preview a YouTube song before adding it to your movie’s soundtrack, choose it in the YouTube player and then hit the “preview” button.
  • To add YouTube music to your iMovie project, tap the Plus button next to the song, and the song will be put to the bottom of the timeline.

So, folks, could you add music from YouTube to iMovie? I’m pretty confident you have a favorable response since you saw how and where to add music to iMovie via YouTube utilizing a simple step process. Furthermore, have fun and create magic using your discovery of Filmora, as it enables you to explore its different elements to produce a movie.

How to put music on imovie from youtube in 2022? – Hope you have got the full details.

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