How to make money with the Wazirx NFT marketplace in 2024?

In order to make money using NFTs, you must start utilising them as soon as they are approved and regulated in the financial industry. More and more people are buying these tokens only for the purpose of trading them on the exchanges. The problem is that not everyone is capable of making money by investing in and selling these cryptocurrencies. so lets know “How to make money with the Wazirx NFT marketplace?”. To begin generating money with NFTs, you don’t need to know anything about blockchain.

However, how and where are NFTs produced? NFTs may be created on platforms like WazirX. However, for the time being, artists and creators from India and the rest of South-East Asia are unable to mint on WazirX unless they are invited to do so. WazirX’s native token WRX is used for sales on the Binance network, where the tokens are minted and sold. On the WazirX NFT marketplace, we’ll explore how you can mint and sell your work.

How to mint NFT on WazirX?

Check out the WazirX NFT marketplace on the internet first, then. In the site’s upper-right corner, you’ll find a button that says “Connect.” Set up your WazirX account using your metamask wallet. Metamask wallets are the sole way to connect to the platform at this time. If you don’t already have a Metamask wallet, you may download it from the Metamask website as an extension for your browser or as an app for your smartphone. Connect by pressing the connect button, selecting the account number you’re most comfortable with, and then pressing the next button.

Allow this site to connect to a network will be shown. Adding the Binance smart chain network to metamask wallet will do this. Clicking “allow” will cause the wallet to move over to the Binance network instead of Ethereum’s. Following a move to WazirX, a pop-up will appear asking you to register. The following information is required: a username, display name, and email address. On the site, you may further customise your profile.

How to make money with the Wazirx NFT marketplace?

Starting minting NFTs is now possible because you have a profile. You may ‘become a creator’ by clicking on your profile. It’s just a click away. You will be required to submit an application, which will be reviewed by the website. You should expect a response within three to four weeks. The option to establish an NFT will be available to you after you have been approved.

After clicking on it, you will be sent to the website to create NFTs. This is where you’ll need to put in your NFT code (png, jpeg, mp4, and gif files are accepted). The name of your NFT and a brief description are required. Do not forget to select your NFT’s royalty rate and beginning cost. When your NFT is sold on the platform, you will be charged a service fee of 5%. Finally, press the upload button once you’ve input all of this information.

The NFT will now be available for escrow. When required, verify the escrow procedure. Listing your NFT on the platform is also required. And that’s it! To celebrate, you’ve just created your first NFT on the WazirX NFT platform. If you’d like to help out, please consider sponsoring this article.

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