How To Host Multiple Websites On One Server In Godaddy In 2024?

How to host multiple websites on one server in godaddy in 2022? GoDaddy is a well-known web hosting & domain name registration service provider in the United States. This firm is well-known among domain name owners. They stand out as a standout service in terms of affordable domain names and dependable hosting.

However, we’ll focus on a specific kind of hosting in this post. We’ll be focusing on numerous website hosting in this article’s title. Specifically, if you can use GoDaddy can host several websites on the same open hosting account.

  • In order to add a domain name,
  • Enter to continue.
  • Manage the cPanel account you’d want to utilise.
  • Addon Domains may be found in the Domains section.
  • Afterwards, click on the Add Domain button to add the domain to your account.
  • Please enter the web address you wish to use in the text box that appears.
  • If you’d like to utilise an FTP login, enter it here.
  • If you wish to create a new folder in your home directory, type in the name here. For New Domain Name’s website to appear, you’ll need to place its files here.
  • An FTP password and a password (again) are required.

What’s The Use Of Having Many Domains On The Same Hosting Account?

You may believe it’s difficult to host many websites simultaneously. This isn’t always the case. Why? Because a single hosting account may accommodate an infinite number of websites. For this reason, in fact, why do so many people give it a go?

You may host many websites on the same server with the right hosting plan. You don’t have to sign up for just a hosting package every time you establish a new website. This is a far more effective method of accomplishing your goals.

The third advantage is self-explanatory: cost. The consequences of signing up for ten web hosting packages to host ten different domains might be imagined: Separately, each option may cost $10. Every month, you’re shelling out $100 for web hosting.

However, if you choose the correct hosting package, you may get ten websites for the price of just one. This is true in various circumstances, not simply the one I’ve just described.

Having many websites hosted on the same account is an additional benefit. Consider this: you’ll begin with a single website and get familiar with the platform you’re working with. Then why change to anything else if that’s what will happen?

Many web admins have their websites scattered over various services from some providers. In terms of efficiency, this is not the best way to go. You’ll be able to manage your websites more quickly if you stick with the same business and account for each one. This is because you’ve already figured out how the hosting plan works.

There are further benefits if you have many websites hosted on the same account. However, there is one flaw with this strategy. The performance of your websites might suffer if you buy the wrong package.

For example, a plan may provide 10Gb of storage for an infinite number of websites, for instance. You don’t need me to tell them that this isn’t sufficient. Setting up more than one website will need a plan with additional resources. As a result, more resources will be allocated to each website. For the sake of efficiency and speed, of course.

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