How To Change Netflix Payment Plan In 2024?

How to change netflix payment plan in 2022? Netflix is among India’s most popular and widely used video-streaming services despite its high price. Many people are compelled to purchase a membership to the service because of its simple UI and innovative content.

Netflix provides a variety of subscription options that vary in terms of the number of monitors that subscribers may watch material to and the quality of the video streaming (HD or Ultra HD). In India, there are four options: Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium. Tips and strategies for charging the Android phone faster:

Unbeknownst to the public, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently revealed that the company is considering offering lower-cost, ad-supported subscriptions. Next, with a drop of 2,00,000 customers in Q1 2022, the firm expects another 2 million subscribers to leave in the next quarter.

How To Change Netflix’s Subscription Plan Is Explained In This Guide

  • If you want to change your Netflix membership plan, you may do so by following these steps:
  • The Netflix app or website may be opened on a computer or tablet and logged in.
  • Then, under the menu, choose “Accounts.”
  • “Change Plan” may be found under the “Plan details” section.
  • After deciding on a plan, click “Continue.”
  • Click “save and update” to complete the process.

It will enter into force instantly if you have increased your plan. As a result, “your billing date will vary depending on your previous payment’s remaining amount,” Netflix states.

It will affect the following payment date if you have dropped your plan to a lower-priced one. The high-end features of your plan will continue to be available to you until your next paying cycle.

Netflix’s Membership Plans: Cost, Benefits, and More

In India, Netflix has four membership plans: Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium, as previously indicated. As a side note, the streaming platform only provides monthly memberships online compared to other streaming services like Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Zee5.

Mobile: Rs 149

A monthly fee of Rs 149 gives you access to one Smartphone and one tablet screen and decent video streaming quality (480p).

Basic: Rs 199

This subscription costs Rs 199 per month and provides access to 480p definition content on mobile, tablet, TV, and computer devices.

Standard: Rs 499

The monthly cost of the Standard plan is Rs 499, and it comes with a 1080p screen resolution. Mobile, tablet, TV, and PC are all viable options for consumers to access the service.

Premium: Rs 649

It costs Rs 649 a month for India’s most costly Premium plan. You may use it on a phone, tablet, TV, or computer and get a resolution of 4K+HDR.

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