How To Change Aspect Ratio In Imovie?

How to change aspect ratio in imovie? You may use iMovie, the video editing program for macOS or iOS devices, to modify the aspect ratio of a movie clip. The aspect ratio of a video may be altered in iMovie before being shared on social media. You must modify a video’s aspect ratio to ensure that the platform you upload it does not crop and stretch it incorrectly.

In Imovie, How Do You Change The Aspect Ratio?

Using iMovie on the iPhone may be more complex than on other devices because of its tiny screen. Changing the aspect ratio of your movie in iMovie on the iPhone is a simple task.

Please visit the App Store if you do not already have the application installed on the phone.

The only drawback of utilizing iMovie to adjust the screen resolution of a film is there are no pre-selected choices for you to select from. Instead, you’ll have to crop the movie to modify the aspect ratio manually. Follow these instructions in iMovie on the iPhone to alter a video’s aspect ratio:

  • On your iPhone, open iMovie.
  • Choose to start a new project from your home page’s menu.
  • Select the Movie option from the New Project box.
  • Use your phone or tablet to import a video from your computer.
  • Activate your video by tapping on the timeline.
  • The magnifying glass inside the top corner of the screen is where you’ll find the search function.
  • Pinch the timeline to enlarge your video. Pinching towards the middle of your screen will shrink your video. Dragged to outside corners of the screen to magnify the video.
  • Select the Done option in the top corner of the screen after you are done.
  • The Share button is next.
  • Select Video to Save.

Your iPhone’s camera roll will include the footage. iCloud Drive, Mail, or Messaging can all be used to send the movie straight from the app itself. Share with other devices by using the AirDrop function.

Your video aspect ratio choice will depend on the platform you want to distribute it. Cropping the video with your fingers may be difficult, and you may have to go back and resize it again. Using a Mac and a bigger screen can make the transition simpler.

Imovie For Ipad: How To Adjust Aspect Ratio

Changing the aspect ratio of an iPad movie in iMovie is quite similar to doing so on an iPhone. Working on a larger screen may make it even more convenient. Immediately after downloading the program, you may begin editing. What you must do is as follows:

  • It is time to get to work using iMovie.
  • Create a new project by clicking the Create Project button.
  • When you open the new window, press the Movie button.
  • Using your iPad’s camera roll, upload the video.
  • On the video’s timeline, click and drag to go forward or backward.
  • The magnifying glass symbol may be found in the top right corner of the screen by selecting it.
  • Zoom in by pinching the video. Using your fingertips, move the video’s frame to the outside boundaries of the screen to zoom out.
  • Select done to finish the process.
  • To save your movie, click on the Share icon.

That is the whole total of the matter. When you open your iPad’s camera roll, you will see the modified video.

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