How To Add Music To Imovie On Mac?

How to add music to imovie on mac? Apple Music and iMovie users alike are likely to have asked themselves: “Can I utilize Apple Music with iMovie?” Even though the same company owns both iMovie & Apple Music, there is no way to connect these two programs. Apple Music isn’t compatible with iMovie since it’s a streaming service with DRM-protected tracks. There is still wiggle room in the argument. We’ve come up with a workaround for this annoyance. Let’s see how you may integrate Apple Music into iMovie.

What You’ll Need With iMovie and Apple Music

Music & sound effects may be used in your iMovie production without permission. On the other hand, you choose to employ Music that’s more suited to your videos. If you’re looking for soundtrack music, check out Apple Music. On the other hand, Apple Music does not enable iMovie people to access its catalog.

In reality, you may transfer your local audio files into your iMovie project timeline using iMovie’s import functionality. You may import audio files such as MP4, WAV, or AIFF directly into an iMovie project using Finder-based drag and drop. If you want to use Apple Music with iMovie, you’ll need first to remove the DRM from the service and convert the Music to an iMovie-friendly format.

To get what you want, use ViWizard Apple Music Converter. DRM protection is removed from Apple Music files, allowing you to use them in your video editing project in iMovie. In addition to converting more than one hundred other audio formats, ViWizard Audio Converter is capable of converting Apple Music, iTunes, and Audible files to unprotected formats.

How To Use Apple Music In iMovie On Mac

Music from the Music app may be imported into iMovie for Mac through the iMovie video browser. It’s also possible to drag audio files straight into the frame of an iMovie project from the Finder.

  • You may start a new project in iMovie on your Mac.
  • When you’re done with your audio, choose Music from the Libraries list.
  • Locate the converted Itunes Music files by exploring your available options.
  • Make sure you choose a song and drag it from the music browser to the timeline.
  • You may add audio effects and tweak your track to make it more appropriate.

How To Use iMovie To Play Apple Music

To use iMovie on the iPhone or iPad, you will need to download the app’s iOS or iPad OS version. Using iMovie on an iPhone or iPad, we will demonstrate how and where to add a soundtrack. It would help if you first synced your essential Apple Music tracks to your iphone through iTunes or iCloud before you can use them in iMovie.

  • The apple device version of iMovie may be used to access your project.
  • Press the Add Audio button in the iMovie storyboard with your project loaded.
  • To listen to the Music you’ve downloaded to your device through Apple Music, go to the Audio menu and choose My Music.
  • Tap click Add Audio option beside the song you wish to use to add it to your playlist.
  • To edit the duration of a song in iMovie, drag and drop the Music onto the timeline.

Apple Music and iMovie are the most convenient and beneficial music services for Mac & iPhone users. ViWizard Audio Converter can help you get the most out of both. Find out for yourself by downloading and using ViWizard Audio Converter.

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