How To Add Captions In Imovie Editor In 2024?

How to add captions in imovie editor in 2022? Ever been ill and couldn’t figure out how to add subtitles to an iMovie video? What about iMovie? Do you have any questions regarding adding closed captions? Continue reading to learn more.

If you require subtitles for a video, you may choose from various options, including translations, tutorials, or narration. In addition, iMovie is all you need to accomplish it. Basic video processing on a Mac may be accomplished using iMovie.

There is currently no way to include subtitles in iMovie; however, the Title option allows you to do so. It is not a quick fight, but it’s not drag either. For those who want to learn how to add closed-captioning in iMovie, this tutorial is for you.

On The Mac, How Do You Add Captions In Imovie?

You may add subtitles or captions to films on a Mac using the Title tool. A lengthy and tedious procedure requires adding the various text blocks into an iMovie timeline and then editing and adjusting them to fit the desired subtitle.

  • As a reminder, the subtitles are public captions and cannot be turned off, so it’s vital to be aware of this.
  • These are the instructions for adding subtitles in Mac iMovie.
  • Captioning a film begins with importing it into iMovie.
  • Select the video and movie clip to which you want to add captions in iMovie.
  • Then, a title indication will display at the top of the viewer. The Title symbol may be tapped with your finger.

Select this sign and choose the title style that best suits your needs. iMovie’s title choices are available at the bottom of the screen if you want to add captions. There are three options: lower, lower, or disclose lower third.

Just double-click the style you choose to add a title (subtitle) and caption style to the chosen clip. However, if you want, you may drag your choice to where you want it on the clip.

When ready, you may go to the viewfinder and type in the text. Text may be entered into the box at the top of the viewer.

The length of a title may be changed after you’ve used it to add captions to films in iMovie. It is possible that you would want to add extra subtitles and captions to a single iMovie movie and video clip. Learn how to add a caption in iMovie if you want to add seven subtitles to a one-minute video clip, for example.

This is everything you need to know about adding subtitles to your iMovie videos. When making subtitles in iMovie, there aren’t many complicated steps to follow. iMovie’s subtitles have a lot of room for improvement. However, bear in mind the purposeful work and time invested in constructing outstanding subtitles that flow smoothly when paired with the correct tool. When it comes to subtitling, iMovie is unsure.

I hope that in the future, Apple will make subtitling a lot easier than it now is. However, for the time being, this title feature is enough.

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