From Binge-Worthy to Forgettable: Ranking the Best and Worst Netflix Originals


Netflix has become a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, churning out a seemingly endless supply of original content. From gripping dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies, there’s something for everyone on the streaming service. But not all Netflix originals are created equal. Some are instant classics that are impossible to stop watching, while others fall flat and are quickly forgotten. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best and worst Netflix originals, ranking them from binge-worthy to forgettable.

Binge-Worthy Netflix Originals

These are the shows and movies that keep you glued to your screen, eagerly clicking “next episode” as soon as one ends. They’re compelling, well-crafted, and leave you wanting more.

  1. Stranger Things
  2. The Crown
  3. Black Mirror
  4. Narcos
  5. Mindhunter

Forgettable Netflix Originals

On the flip side, these are the shows and movies that you watch once and promptly forget about. They lack depth, originality, or simply fail to capture your interest.

  1. Iron Fist
  2. The Ranch
  3. Insatiable
  4. Between
  5. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser


While Netflix has produced some truly outstanding original content, not everything they release is a winner. From binge-worthy hits like Stranger Things and The Crown to forgettable duds like Iron Fist and Insatiable, the streaming service offers a mixed bag of options for viewers. Ultimately, the best Netflix originals are the ones that leave a lasting impression, sparking conversations and keeping you coming back for more. So next time you’re looking for a new show to watch, consider our rankings to help guide your viewing choices.


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