Emerging Modes Of Business Class 11 Notes, Ppt And Solutions in 2024

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Class 11 CBSE Guide to Emerging Business Modes

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Class 11 Business Notes: Emerging Models of Enterprise

Class 11 Business Studies revision notes for CBSE Chapter 5: Emerging Modes of Business are free to download in PDF format. Use the notes for Emerging Modes of Business class 11 Notes Business Studies to prepare for your examinations and get the best grades possible. Notes for Business Studies class 11 on Emerging Modes of Entrepreneurship have been put together by a team of qualified professors. Using the revision notes, you may go back and make quick changes to the whole chapter. Teachers’ most excellent advice on exam day is to go through your notes again.

The scope of e-Commerce

  • When looking at the parties involved and performing transactions, it is evident:
    Business-to-business (B2B) commerce is the electronic exchange of goods and services between companies or business units. For instance, a company may be a producer and a supplier.
  • When it comes to this, one side is a business, and the other is a client. Consumers may use the Internet to find out more about goods, place orders, pick up their packages, and pay for their purchases. At the same time, businesses can conduct surveys to determine who is making purchases and how satisfied customers are with their experiences. Call centres are now able to supply this kind of information.
  • Business-to-business transactions Commerce – is a business discipline. There are two departments of the same company engaging in the electronic transaction. Marketing and manufacturing departments may communicate over the Internet, allowing consumers to order bespoke products that meet their specific needs.
  • Customer-to-Customer Commerce – C2C Commerce Using this definition, both parties participating in an electronic transaction are considered customers. Purchasing and selling items for which there are no established marketplaces necessitates its use. Selling a used automobile on the Internet is an example.
  • C2B Commerce – C2B Commerce allows customers to shop whenever and wherever they want. Customers may make toll-free calls to contact centres to answer their questions or file complaints.
  • Businesses use B2E Commerce to keep track of their hiring, interviewing, and training processes.



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