Brave vs Microsoft edge reviews features comparison

Peeking out the web browser isn’t a simple, easy feat. Almost every browser provides a refreshing feature that makes individuals consider their default browser option twice and, that becomes more challenging when picking out between 2 famous browsers like Brave and Microsoft Edge. So here comes the Brave vs Microsoft edge reviews features comparison.

  • User Interface

Brave and Microsoft Edge offer a personalized utiliser experience even though being created on Chromium.

Edge of Microsoft arrives baked in with numerous functionalities. Therefore, the Windows operating system, which is why the utilizer interface can appear busy. Overall, the utiliser interaction with Edge is quite spot on.

Brave target to provide a straightforward utiliser interface when contrasted to Edge. It can serve one closer resemblance with Chrome, but individuals must still receive one fresh perspective.

So, it relies on one’s preference. If the individual desires one cleaner user interface, then Brave is for them. If the person desires one with more uniqueness or functionality, then Edge bi Microsoft can be a good pick.

  • Security Features

Preliminary Brave is famous for its security-focused and privacy features. But Microsoft Edge is offering a ton of improvements to uplift both of those aspects.

Microsoft Edge permits individuals to block trackers alongside enabling specific browsing security to check for malicious and suspicious web pages. While the feature of anti-tracking can not be as proper as Brave, individuals receive a couple of more characteristics in Microsoft Edge

  • IPFS Support

Somebody may not typically utilize it, yet IPFS is one decentralized protocol that assists in circumventing censorship. Individuals can distribute folders privately using the protocol of IPFS in the absence of stress about any limitations, and the browser off Brave provides in-built backup for it. It is one aspect why Brave has become so famous with numerous online users.

Even though individuals can utilize the IPFS substitute extension of Chrome to enable backup in Microsoft Edge, this does not indicate default support. To know more visit 

  • Sync Support

Edge by Microsoft lets individuals sign in utilizing their account on a Microsoft account or any school or work-related account to link their browsing data and set it all.

In terms of Brave, this does not provide sync based on cloud, which can be related to any account. Instead, it attempts to keep data protected by permitting individuals to sink utilizing one sync code from any other device. In other words, individuals can not link the browser on another platform unless they have entrance to one of their systems running Brave already.


  • Is Brave safer than Microsoft Edge?

Both Brave and Edge have detailed security and privacy features, yet Brave has more advanced features.

  • Does Brave utilize a ton of RAM?

Since it is Chrome with adblockers with cryptocurrency, individuals can anticipate it to hold more RAM space than Chrome only.

  • Does the browser of Brave save battery?

The Android variant of the browser of Brave utilizes 35% less energy than Google Chrome on the heavily commercialized web pages. 

That was the Brave vs Microsoft edge reviews features for some primary differences between the two browsers to assist individuals in picking out their default browser for speed security and a better user experience.

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